Saturday, June 20, 2009

Communing Around Creativity: Let's Play

I feel compelled to start a creativity workshop series, to find a community of people who are willing to invest in the development of their most precious asset: their divine ability to create.

Are you out there? You, who often say to yourself, "I wish I would stop vacuuming in my spare time and start making some new art." Or, who hasn't written anything in months because you're too busy looking for a job or too tired out at the end of the day from the job you have. Or you...who are working at your home office and needs to get out, commune and create with others.

Let's create a community of creators -- and practice coming up with fresh new ideas, play with new forms of working and thinking, pull out the paper and scissors and glue and start piecing together the space for new forms and functions. Let's get together and DO!

We can meet weekly at a coffee shop. I'll put together assignments and bring the materials needed to get your mind, hands and heart working in new ways. You bring $10 to each meeting.

Call me if you're interested. 612-423-4342

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