Thursday, March 16, 2006

Shoe Tree: University of Minnesota, West Bank

Last Friday after bowing out of a bad day at work, I called up my niece, Kari, at her new on-campus apartment to see if she would show me this tree she mentioned awhile back.

Apparently, on the University of Minnesota West Bank, there is a shoe tree -- a tree full of shoes. (A shoe tree? This I have to see!)

I hope that my travels both here in my home of Minneapolis, Minnesota and wherever my adventures take me across the globe lead me to things like this.

I think cultural anonomlies like this one are more fascinating than any tourist location -- these off the beaten bath treasures that are unexplainable and awesome expressions of human creativity.

Lap Cat

Misty was playful this morning. I love kitties. Of course, she's not really a kitty any longer. She's about 14 years old now. That's older than me in human years! But, she's still my baby. Baby Misty.