Saturday, April 26, 2008

DIY: How to Make a Fireball

How To Make a Fireball. GreenerTea Productions has created a fireball making video. Attempt at your own risk! Summary as follows:

You Need:
100% cotton cloth (from old T-shirt works well),
Cotton String & Needle,
Lighter fluid,

Instructions for Making a Fireball:
  1. Cut strip pf cloth and roll into ball.
  2. Thread needle with 5 feet of string
  3. Poke needle through the cotton ball
  4. Wrap the string around to secure the form in it's ball shape.
  5. Poke needle through the cotton ball again to secure and remove extra
  6. Soak ball with lighter fluid, which will absorb easily. Do not overfill! If you overfill it will get on your hands and will burn them!
  7. Use lighter to light ball. They will burn for a long while.
  8. Hold the ball in your open palm. While holding, take care not to touch orange flame on top where it is very hot.
  9. Turn off by closing your fingers over the top of the ball.
Watch the Video!

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