Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Born with it: Prodigies, Geniuses & Gifted

What's beautiful about seeing these, to me, is that these capacities, these potentials exist in us all.

Breakdancing Two-Year Old

Rubik's Cube Pro -- 3 Years Old

Microsoft Certified 12-year old, Kasey Kahn

Identifies Presidents
at Less than One Year

3-Year Old Artist Prodigy

11-year Old Singer / Yodeler

Erica, America's Got Talent BEST NEW TALENT LA overall Winner (9 years old)

5/6 year-old Pianist

6 Year Old Singer (News Coverage)-- Heather Martin sings to her brother, Sean, who is in the service

Accordionist & Singer, Hunter Hayes, 5 years old

2/3 year old Entertainer

Dance Dance Revolution Prodigy (5-year old Ryota)

Gifted Arabic Preacher
(4 year old named Muslim from Yamen)

Gifted Mathematician
(Okay, maybe the answer to everything is "six"....but she still knows to answer and she knows it's funny. There's something to be said for that....)

Other prodigies include (REMOVED VIDEOS):
  • Recites Famous Speeches & Has Political / Historical Repertoire at 3- / 6- years old
  • 3-Year Old Musician (with expression!!!!!)
  • 8-Year Old Guitarist

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