Sunday, February 18, 2007

Capturing a Free, Underused Asset: Sunshine

Steven Harris, author of Sunshine to Dollars, shows some fantastic resources on using solar energy to heat, cool, grow and cook. Granted some of the ideas are not always convenient, but most are free or inexpensive.

For example, he tells you in his book how to get solar panels and solar glass for free, how to make a solar oven to bake breads and cakes (below), how to build a solar green house, how to construct a hot water heater by using solar energy, how to turn non-potable water into drinking water and how to make ice.

Steven is a professional "Energy Generalist" who has worked with Fuel Cell, Hydrogen, Solar and Biomass energy systems.

The book is definitely meant for hands-on activity. On his site are other books and media concerning the topic of energy.

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